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From the outset, Omeros recognized that a combination of agents acting on multiple molecular targets may be required for optimal therapeutic effect. Our PharmacoSurgery product candidates are designed to modulate the molecular mechanisms of pathologic conditions rather than just treating their symptoms. This approach provides clinical benefits both during and after surgery.

Surgical procedures cause extensive trauma at the surgical site. This trauma produces a complex cascade of molecular signaling and biochemical changes, resulting in pupil constriction, inflammation, pain, spasm, loss of function and other problems. These problems are currently treated postoperatively in an attempt to "undo" them after they have started.

We believe that there is a better way: deliver targeted therapeutic agents throughout the duration of surgical trauma locally — directly to the surgical site — and preemptively — before the problems can begin, providing clinical benefits both during and after the procedure.

We are developing our current PharmacoSurgery product candidates, Omidria — Ophthalmology, OMS103 — Arthroscopy,and OMS201 — Urology by "leveraging generics."

We use active ingredients contained in generic, FDA-approved drugs. Supplied in pre-dosed, pre-formulated, single-use containers, our PharmacoSurgery product candidates are added to standard surgical irrigation solutions and do not require a surgeon to change his or her operating procedure. By combining approved agents into proprietary formulations for ease of use with standard procedural techniques, our goal is to enhance patient outcomes while reducing the cost and risk of drug development.

Patent Position

As of February 15, 2014, our patent portfolio included 18 U.S. and 74 foreign issued or allowed patents, and eight U.S. and 23 foreign pending patent applications, directed to our PharmacoSurgery products and development programs. These patents include claims directed to broad therapeutic classes of agents (e.g., anti-inflammatory, analgesic, etc.) from which unique combinations of agents are drawn for local and perioperative delivery to the site of a wide range of medical and surgical procedures.