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Omeros is one of the first companies to recognize that, in a wide range of pathologic conditions, a combination of agents acting on multiple molecular targets is required for optimal therapeutic effect. Our PharmacoSurgery® commercial product OMIDRIA®(phenylephrine and ketorolac injection) 1%/0.3%, and product candidates are combinations of targeted therapeutic agents designed to modulate the molecular mechanisms of pathologic conditions rather than just treating their symptoms.

Surgical procedures cause extensive trauma at the surgical site. This trauma produces a complex cascade of molecular signaling and biochemical changes, resulting in a number of unintended problems. These problems are currently treated postoperatively in an attempt to "undo" them after they have started.

Omeros believes that there is a better way: deliver our PharmacoSurgery® products throughout the duration of surgical trauma directly to the surgical site and preemptively — before the problems can begin — to provide clinical benefits both during and after the procedure.

Patent Position 
As of February 28, 2017, our patent portfolio included 11 U.S. and 80 foreign issued patents, and 14 U.S. and 65 foreign pending patent applications, directed to our PharmacoSurgery® products and development programs. These patents include claims directed to broad therapeutic classes (e.g., mydriatic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, etc.) from which unique combinations of agents are drawn for local and perioperative delivery to the site of a wide range of medical and surgical procedures.