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Product Pipeline

Omeros is developing a deep pipeline of small-molecule and protein therapeutic candidates targeting inflammation, coagulopathies and disorders of the central nervous system. We currently have twelve programs, including programs focused on inflammation, coagulopathies, multiple CNS programs, and antibody and G protein-coupled receptor programs in development, all targeting large markets.

Our most clinically advanced product candidates in the area of inflammation are derived from our proprietary PharmacoSurgery platform, designed to improve the clinical outcomes of patients undergoing arthroscopic, ophthalmological, urological and other surgical and medical procedures. In addition to our PharmacoSurgery platform, our MASP prgram is in clinical development to treat inflammatory disorders.

Our two PDE10 clinical programs for the treatment of schizophrenia and Huntington's disease, our clinical program for the treatment and prevention of addiction and our preclinical programs targeting other CNS disorders and coagulopathies broaden our pipeline and help create multiple opportunities for commercial success.

Our GPCR platform is making available an unprecedented number of new GPCR drug targets and corresponding compounds to the pharmaceutical industry for drug development and our antibody platform enables the discovery of novel, high-affinity monoclonal antibodies.

For each of our product candidates and programs, we have retained all manufacturing, marketing and distribution rights.

Product Pipeline